Pixel profile Window

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Use Pixel Profile to display a graph of pixel values or a pixel profile from a line drawn between two arbitrary points on an image.

The Pixel profile chart always shows the pixel values as if the image were a 24 bit color image, showing the Red, Green, Blue, Intensity, Hue, Saturation and Value channels.

Generating a graph of a line of pixels may be useful in the analysis of an image. Pixel Profile allows testing and counting elements from images.

To generate a Pixel Profile graph you should draw a segment at least two pixels long with the tool or select a line previously drawn (either from Measurements Pane or with the tool).

Note:  When working with grayscale images you may want to unselect all color channels in order to see only the intensity channel.

The Pixel Profile Line

The Chart tab displays a two-dimensional graph that shows distance along the line in the x axis, and pixel value on the y axis. The "Pixel Slice" is shown along the top of the graph.

The pixel profile line may include pixels that are up to 1 pixel apart from the line.

Pixel Profile Data

You can export Pixel Profile Data to another application from the Data Export Menu.

Data Export Menu


CVS file
HTML file
ASCII file
The Export menu can be used to save the data as a CSV, HTML or ASCII file. Learn more.


Chart Menu
Print Opens a Print setup dialog box.
Save as... Allows saving the pixel profile graph as a Window Bitmap (BMP), Window Metafile (WMF) or Enhanced Window Metafile (EMF) files.

The conversion factor doesn't influence how Pixel Profile works. It only affect values written into the Measurements window. That means that Pixel Profile always shows the X and Y values in pixels.

Depending on which Origin of Coordinate system was selected in Preferences, the Y axis will start on the top (default option) or the bottom of the image.