Object Analyzer Object Analyzer*

Both the Magic Wand the Selection Brush tools can be used to analyze the objects that were selected in the image.

To find the areas of interest ("objects") in the image you can use the Magic Wand tool. Select all objects of similar color or either select the background. If you select the background, click the Invert button, in that way you will select the objects indirectly.

If the objects are not properly selected you can convert the Magic Wand selection to one Selection Brush selection (by using the Convert button) and then expand or decrease the selected area manually.

The objects should be completely separated from each other. Take care of adjusting precisely the selected objects area before proceeding to the next step.

After all objects are properly selected, click the Object Analyzer button , which is placed on the right of the Magic Wand and Selection Brush toolbars, this will open Object Analyzer window after the objects are found and analyzed.

You can select the minimum object area, to discard all objects with less area. Statistics will be calculated for each object, you can select which statistics values will be visible.

Both the image and the Data Sheet table can be printed and/or copied. The Data Sheet can be exported as a CSV** or HTML file.

* The conversion factor doesn't influence how the Object Analyzer works, it always shows real pixel values.

** CSV files can be opened by Excel, Gnumeric, Libre Office Calc and many other spreadsheet software.