Ordering Bersoft Image Measurement

Limitations of the Evaluation Version

The Evaluation Version only can open images saved in Bersoft Image Measurement proprietary format (with .BIM file extension). Several BME images are included with the Evaluation Version for your convenience.

To help people to evaluate properly Bersoft Image Measurement we can convert some images (no more than 3 of them) to the format supported by the Evaluation Version, with no charges.

Send the images to be converted to: imagesUnix@image-measurement.com. We can process emails with attachments not bigger than 5 MB.

Notice that the above email address is only valid for converting images for the Linux and macOS editions of Bersoft Image Measurement, the Windows edition uses a different kind of images.

The full version is not limited in any way. It can open images in many different formats (see Supported File Types).

See also: License Agreement


To order use the following link:


You will be taken to the order form on our web site. You may also find the current pricing and the different ordering methods (by check, fax or mail or using a purchase order) in our website, even if you are not ready to order yet.

Notice that you can either order the Windows Edition or the Linux/macOS Edition. If you order the Windows edition you are also entitled to install Bersoft Image Measurement on Linux and/or macOS. If you order the Linux or macOS editions you are entitled to install Bersoft Image Measurement only in Linux and/or macOS.

You can contact us by email using our online contact form at:


Users who purchased previous versions of Bersoft Image Measurement will get a discount on the price.