Sidecar Files

Sidecar files are small computer files that store the image measurements. They have the same name that the image that is being measured, plus the .bme file extension. In that way and image named file34.png will have a sidecar file named file34.png.bme. Notice that if you rename an image file outside of Bersoft Image Measurement, it will lose the link to its sidecar file(s), unless you rename them accordingly as well.

When using the Brush Selection Tool Brush Selection Tool, one additional sidecar file will be created for each Brush Selection measurement.These kind of sidecar files also are named following the image file name, but adding a number and the BSEL file extension after the original file name. Following the previous example, if the original image file is named: file34.png, and the user performs two different measurements with the Brush Selection Tool, when the measurementes are saved, four sidecar files will be saved in the same folder where the original image file is located:


This is the original image file name.


This sidecar file stores the all the image settings (conversion factor, default color, etc) and measurements, except the Brush Selection measurements masks.


This sidecar file stores a Brush Selection measurement mask.


This sidecar file stores a Brush Selection measurement mask.


If an user clicks con the File->Save As command, to save the image in another place or in another format, the sidecar files files will be saved along the image.

When measurements are deleted, the related Brush Selection measurement mask files will be deleted when the measurements are saved (command File->Save).

Notice that the sidecar file with .bme file extension will not be deleted, even if you delete all measurements, because it stores not only measurements but also the image settings (conversion factor, default colors, etc.).