Motion Tracking

CameraSentry can detect motion automatically and perform several actions to warn about possible intruders.

Motion Tracking can be enabled/disabled for all cameras at once, by using two commands in the Cameras menu: Start Motion Tracking for All Cameras and Stop Motion Tracking for All Cameras.

Also, it can be enabled/disabled for each camera by using the TrackButton button on the camera toolbar.

The Motion Tracking response is configured in the Motion Tracking Tab in the Camera Settings window.

Motion Tab

Motion Tracking Setup

Different actions can be performed after Motion is detected in a scene:

There are three settings that configure motion detection.

Usually, the best way to configure properly Motion Detection settings is to play a bit with them until motion is detected properly. The main setting is Threshold. If Object Size = 0, the Object Size will not be taken into account, only Threshold and Sensitivity will determine when Motion is detected.

There is an option in the General tab, called Show Motion Info. If this option is checked, the Threshold and Object Size values will be shown over the camera video feed. That helps users to see the values generated by different scenes, and configure the cameras appropriately.

Setup No-Motion Detection Zones

See No-Motion Detection Zones.