Also runs on Windows XP, Vista, and Windows Server


What is VisionField?

Establishing whether Glaucoma patients are stable or are experiencing progressive damage has long been one of the most challenging problems faced by eye specialists, now you can do it by yourself at home.

VisionField is mainly used by people with already diagnosed Glaucoma to check if the eyes Visual Field is stable or it is worsening.

As the nerve fibers in the optic nerve (The cable that transmits the visual messages from the eye to the brain.) are damaged in Glaucoma, there is a gradual and painless loss of vision. Initially, glaucoma affects peripheral (side) vision. The loss often goes unnoticed. However, if untreated, glaucoma may eventually affect central vision, as well. Usually it is only with this more advanced stage of Glaucoma that one can recognize loss of vision without special tests.

VisionField offers a simple way to measure the extent and light sensitivity of our visual field at any given moment. This is accomplished by increasing the intensity of a stimulus to a known area of the retina until the stimulus is seen.

After testing your eye VisionField will show a report similar to the one below:

The report numbers show how well the different areas of your Visual Field can see. Values around 30 are correct.
All eyes also have a natural blind spot with -1 value.

To treat Glaucoma always consult your ophthalmologist, who should check your optic nerve and eye pressure as well.


Download VisionField evaluation version (872 KB file size).

Evaluation vs Full version

VisionField evaluation version can perform the same tests and analysis than the full one but it has the following limitations:

The full version is not limited in any way.